Donnez-moi des buts pour me motiver et laisser moi faire

Claude Aubry revient sur l'importance du mode de gouvernance d'une organisation pour accueillir l'agilité.

Cela me fait immédiatement penser au bouquin des Poppendieck sur le Lean Software Development, en particulier sur le principe "Empower the team"et sur la motivation comme clef du succès économique

Morceaux choisis :

"In most improvement programs, managers tell workers how to do their jobs. In Work-Out (GE program) the tables are turned; workers tell managers how to listen to workers, charter them to take action on their ideas, and follow up to be sure that approved proposals are implemented promptly. A Work-Out assumes that workers know how to do their jobs and focuses management attention on changing the systems that, in the eyes of the workers, prevent them from doing a good job."

"Every so often, a group of people will band together to accomplish something great. Excitement fills the air as the impossible challenge s tackled and the unbeatable foe is conquered. Everyone is completely engaged in the task, dedicated to the purpose. Passion and camaraderie create an intense atmosphere in which anything is possible."

"At its heart are small, self-organizing groups that become passionate about a possibility and are allowed to make it a reality (...)
- Hire good people, and leave them alone

  • If you put fences around people, you get sheep. Give people the room they need
  • Encourage, don't niptick. Let people run with an idea
  • Give it a try - and quick"

"There is a great deal of evidence that people are hardwired to care about purposes writes Kenneth Thomas in Intrinsic Motivation at Work. There is also much evidence that people suffer when they lack purpose"
"People need more than a list of tasks. If their work is to provide intrinsic motivation, they need to understand an commit to the purpose of the work. Intrinsic motivation is especially powerful if people on a team commit together to accomplish a purpose they care about."